The Thermál Panzió is located in quiet, calmcentral part of the town, int he neighborhood of the Arborétum, 15 minutes walk from the Spa. Our Hotel provides their guests appropriate standard services-edition of the room too,- wich contribute to a pleasant break.We take great care to the indisturbed rest of our hotel quests in single, double and triple rooms.. We creat all conditions of the recreation, that help our packages and special accomodations.Our Hotel will provide their guests free dental order ,on demand.
The restaurant of the Hotel is open 8-20 o’clock every day. The Thermál Panzió and our restaurant provides an opportunity to organize family or corporate events. Our cosy restaurant has a large hall for 30 people and a small hall for 20 people. For those who love to eat outdoors is a terrace for 20 people.
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Thermál Panzió Sárvár

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